Terror in the Woods Season 1 Episode 1

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74 Replies to “Terror in the Woods Season 1 Episode 1”

    • Darcy

      Did you ever find out what happened to weste Erickson? I’ve tried to look it up, but can’t find anything other than he died Jan. 23

    • Steve

      It must have been a medical condition known to family because A) he died at home probably hospice. And B) No notice of an accident. C) think about it. Male no wife dies at an early age. Now you know.

      • Lisa

        Totally rediculous comment..just because he was young and not married does not mean he was a homosexual..he could have died from cancer or any multitude of terminal illnesses..inferring he died of aids is ignorant.

        • Jason

          I can’t honestly believe you would assume something so ridiculous. You immediately think the guy is gay? Man you should be embarrassed for actually typing that! SMH

        • Cindy Baker

          Great comment! And yes, I too was wondering why he died but as a nurse I can tell you that many people can die from a multitude of conditions! In fact at this time in the world, AIDS is not a very likely cause of death because it can be treated and controlled (not cured but controlled)
          It was more likely an accident or heart problem or cancer! Or it could be something completely different !! It really doesn’t matter , it’s sad that a young man died so early in his life! He seemed like a nice guy and I wish his family the best and I’m sure they have wonderful memories!:)

          • Ramona Meischner

            I have seen a lot of paranormal activities in my days. I’m 58 years old been in many haunted houses. There are just some things you do not dabble with. Just saying I hope it is nothing that he brought with him from that cabin. Stay away from the unknown if you are not experienced

          • Robert Putt

            I was thinking the same thing. Human spirits don’t hang around, they go to Heaven or He’ll. It had to be a demonic spirit that was in that cabin. You are right, it could have entered him. Demonic spirits number one desire is to have you kill yourself. They can not kill you without God’s permission, so they have to get you to do it.

          • Ramona Meischner

            Thank you for being so sensible and sensitive about human feelings. Thank you for that comment in protecting him and his family no one really knows what happened. It doesn’t matter. May he rest in peace. That’s between him his family friends and God. Many prayers for his family and friends

      • Jason

        He had a fiancé so A. NO we don’t know just because a person isn’t married don’t assume or presume you know anything about him. It’s sad that you imply so much in such a careless manor. I’m single and male……..so if I died in my home would you assume the same? Or do you always stereotype people? It say’ s nothing about hospice so how can you say it was from an illness or disease? How do you know it wasn’t a freak accident or something so painful for the family that they choose to keep it close to only those who truly knew him best because maybe it hurts to much?

    • Lorie Parker

      I can’t find anything, I know lots of people up there. I’ve been to Forks but don’t seem to know any familiar people. It sucks not knowing!!!

  1. Michelle

    I was searching for how he died and couldnt find anything. Would love to know…someone wrote suicide. Wonder if thats true and if what he went through in woods never really got away from him… So sad. RIP

    • Ramona Meischner

      Deer make a wheezing noise on this webpage when you read about Westie Erickson you keep scrolling down and there is other Erikson’s that they are talking about and that is the one that committed suicide not Westie himself. It does not tell you how he passed away. But you scroll down further down on the page and you will see other Erikson’s that they are talking about that was not Westie that committed suicide.

      • Ramona Meischner

        I don’t know where deer make a wheezing sound came from LOL but that was not my statement start from after that bull crap. I apologize it must have picked up the television. These computers usually pick up what you don’t want it to.

  2. Jimson

    I figured he had either killed himself or had something crazy happen to him! It is really a huge coincidence that he just happened to be in a cabin in the woods in the attack of the cabin that was haunted and the presence was powerful enough to not only move furniture and doors but was also able to make a phone ring while it was unplugged! I truly believe that there are not actual ghosts of people in this world! I think it is a sort of demonic presence and it uses the death of family members as a sort of mask to trick loved ones who are in mourning to believe that these demons are actually their loved one who had died to the point to where this demon attaches to these people and the people want it cuz they think there family member is now their guardian angel! I wonder if somehow that demon or demons were able to drive him to suicide by emotionally attacking him!

  3. jane

    wasnt he in the military? he could have experienced something to with his serving..maybe a bad way of ptsd, may have leaded him to it…im very saddened.. i wish him peace and light…god bless his soul may he be in eternal peace with his love ones as well

    • James Matthews

      Yea man. Demons can do that. Have done that. It’s rare. But it has happened and will happen again. Don’t know if that phenomenon is related to his death. But it can’t be ruled out completely if his death was a suicide.

  4. Samuriaking 26

    I just got done watching the first episode, very disturbing.Being in the situation they were in could of affected him not sure.May his a soul be protected.

  5. Gary

    To suggest anything without knowing facts is despicable. Shame on anyone who had the gull to write such an atrocious thing is not of moral standing. Let the young man rest in peace, Prayers and loving thoughts to him and all those who loved him

  6. M B

    I just saw the episode of the show and was curious myself.. his brother’s name is Lincoln and his Facebook profile is public.. if you scroll down to Feb you can read that it was suicide.

  7. Martin

    My wife and I want to could feel that he had a good soul. We feel he has moved on into the afterlife with a blessing from the Creator.

  8. Christopher

    I just watched the episode. Catching up and I really enjoy watching these. Shocked me to see the “In memory of Western Erickson”. Very sad and my prayers go out to him and his family. Too young. May he be at peace now.

  9. Stephanie Bremer

    I just went on his mother’s fb page. He did commit suicide in January. Very sad.. I wonder if it had anything to do with his experience or if there was any other demons.. either way, very sad.

  10. Joyce Ashcraft

    So very sad! Losing someone at any age is sad, but for someone so young. However he died may he rest in peace. My prayers for his family! Parents should never have to bury their children! God’s grace and blessings to you all!

  11. D

    Suicide is often not preceded by any kind of warning. It also can be decided on as early as a day or an hour before the person follows through, And it’s the 4th leading cause of death for individuals between the age of 25 and 44 years old.

    The only thing that matters is that he not be judged by anyone, because no one has the right to judge another person. And I mean that in a secular but humane way. I only hope that his family, his fiancé, and his friend James McCullogh are healing from this loss. And that wherever it is we go when we pass that he is at peace.

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